Welcome to my practice.

Hi, my name is Ali (she/her). I am a mental health professional based in New York City. Incorporating a range of disciplines, I aim to provide meaningful insight into how your experiences — internal and external — shape how you integrate your memories and awareness. I take a holistic approach to psychotherapeutic support and work at The Center for Integrative Mental Health. I offer a confidential, reliable, supportive setting for you to express yourself freely.


My approach is eclectic, integrative, and individualized.

There's a subtle enormity to being seen -- and that's my goal in working together.

In our sessions, I intend to aid you in identifying subconscious blocks that are inhibiting you from living life with greater passion and authenticity.

In addition to my LMSW, I hold certifications in EMDR, trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), grief counseling, restorative justice, and birth work. I have received training in meditation, pranayama, and kundalini yoga. I take a relational and system-centered approach, drawing heavily from psychoanalysis and interpersonal neurobiology.


Individual psychotherapy

Preserve time with loved ones for the conversations you want to have

  • Psychodynamic talk-therapy
  • Attachment style assessment & support
  • Perinatal support & postpartum prevention
  • Existential therapy

Short(er) term

Let's get to the root cause

  • Psychoeducation & coping mechanisms for stress, anxiety, emotional flooding & panic attacks
  • Executive function coaching
  • CBT & DBT
  • EMDR

Family and couples counseling

Honor differences and promote integration

  • Co-regulation techniques
  • Parts work
  • Intentional parenting
  • Family planning & adoption


Gain clarity through accountability

  • Career aspirations
  • Goal setting
  • Well-being strategizing
  • Attuning to your workplace & integrating with a greater sense of purpose

I work as a therapist, counselor, coach, and well-being strategist.

I received my LMSW from New York University’s Silver School of Social Work, focusing on clinical family practice. I hold a BA in Humanities and a BS in Journalism with concentrations in Psychology and Media Studies from The University of Colorado at Boulder.

Previously, I worked in marketing for a Danish fintech company. It was grounding to work with brilliant, international colleagues and taught me the value of teamwork — and to avoid eating lunch alone. Before learning the language of finance, I worked in documentary film and editorial photography. Production taught me the power of perception — and, again, the value of taking time to break bread with the team.

I feel called to help people engage with their communities differently. All of my life, I wanted to figure out a way to stay a student. Here I am — I regularly attend workshops and evaluate my approach to working with clients.

I am excited and humbled to be considered a partner in your well-being journey.

Next steps

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Virtual & In-Person Support

Most sessions are held over Zoom, but ask me about in-person options.